Hi, I am Bing, an innovative coding teacher.

My name is Bing. I am a robotics/programming teacher, living and working in Melbourne. I design and implement intriguing curriculums in my job. I fully embrace a holistic approach in teaching. I am currently working on rails and learning data science. I love what I do.

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Fruity Slime Bakery

Personal website

This a personal website for other slime lovers like me. I built using rails 6. This application includes examples of all the major features of Rails, including models, views, controllers, templates, partials, filters, validations, callbacks, has_many/belongs_to and has_many :through associations, security, testing, and deployment.

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Clustering movies based on their plots

Natural Language Processing Project

People tend to watch movies in the same genre. I personally like to decide what to watch on Netflix from "MORE LIKE THIS". In this project, I will quantify the similarity of movies based on their plot summaries available on IMDb and Wikipedia, then separate them into groups, also known as clusters. Then create a dendrogram to represent how closely the movies are related to each other.

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Chatbot with nltk

Natural Language Processing Project

This is a basic chatbot based on retrieval based models. The project incorporate machine learning and natural language processing. The chatbot generates response based on the cosine similarity. This project was inspired by Parul Pandey and I personally modified some elements and made some extensions including but not restricted to using JavaScript Web Scraping.

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What I am all about.

I am a self taught web developer. I live in Melbourne, Australia and love to keep up with the latest Tech trends. I am passionate about feminism and education, and have worked hard to get to where I am today. Thanks for looking!

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